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About Me

Getting To Know The Real Me

Hello everyone, It's Millie here. As you can all see, this is my first blog post on 'Millies Moments'. I would be lying if I said I wasn't nervous about posting this because I have always been the type of person that keeps themselves to themselves. I don't tend to put all my cards on the table and have more insecurities than I'd like to admit. During the beginning of last year, I built myself a blog where I felt able to express myself however, I only managed to create a total of three blog posts. Due to my life becoming very hectic, I lost the energy to continue writing and therefore made the decision to delete my blog entirely. Although 2016 was a tough year for me and my family, I have entered this year knowing more about myself and am trying to learn to wonders of positivity.

Whenever you meet someone for the first time and they say "Tell me something about yourself", does anyone else freak the fuck out? I can never think of anything interesting to say so I end up saying something dumb like "I'm Millie and I like dogs". Although I do really loves dogs, It's not a very interesting fact to tell someone you've just met! So, I think It's pretty clear that I'm not very good at introducing myself but I'm going to attempt it anyway. I'm hoping that the security of being behind a computer screen will give me more confidence and allow me to achieve this successfully.


I am 18 years old living in a flat that I rent with my partner, Pedro (www.pedroseph.co.uk). We have been together for over 2 years now and I couldn't be happier. When I was born, my mum was only 16 so as you can imagine, a lot of people judged but of course she didn't care what anyone else thought. Me and my mum lived alone for 4 years until she met my sister's dad. 2 years after he moved in, they brought my little sister into this world. Although I did adore her and loved showing her off to people at school, it was no secret that I had a massive jealousy problem. For 6 years prior to this, I was the center of the world and it changed so suddenly, so of course, it was natural that I would feel put out. Speaking of school, I have always had issues with bullying and making friends but that's a story for another day. If I am completely honest, I don't remember much of my childhood as I have suppressed a lot of my memories but I am hoping that during this year, I can work through my issues and try to uncover some of my shit.


This is another thing I find hard to discuss. I feel that I have next to no hobbies and haven't for as long as I can remember. I mean, when I was little I would collect the conventional things like stones and shells but also had some rather peculiar collections of woodlice and other small creatures. I notice that I am not really painting the nicest picture of myself but hey, everyone reading this will form an opinion on me regardless, so it makes sense to present the real me so that I can respect all attitudes and judgements that come my way. So, as you can tell, I was strange child and I am more than happy to share with you some more weird and wonderful stories of my childhood at a later date. But back to the hear and now.. I live quite a busy life which can feel overwhelming sometimes but I do enjoy what I do. I work in a residential home as a support worker, contracted for 30 hours a week, which is usually spread out over 4/5 days. In my spare time, I work alongside a charity that was founded last year by one of my mum's closest friends. The charity is named 'Daisy Chain' and we work towards creating awareness of our views on abuse, mental health and other related topics. We have many goals for the future and if you would like to hear more about the Charity, I will be posting a blog on their website and will let you know when it's up for everyone to read. Another commitment I now have is, Millies Moments! I have set myself a goal to post at least one post every week and to stay interactive. Writing is a passion of mine as I enjoy getting immersed into the words and quite frankly, it is my way of letting out my emotions. I find it difficult to verbally communicate my feelings and so, find it therapeutic to let them out through stories and posts.


Although I do take comfort and pleasure into my writing, my goal in life, is not to become and well recognised blogger. I have no interest in 'fame' and honestly couldn't think of anything worse than walking down the street and being stopped for a photo or signature; I cherish my privacy too much. I do believe that I will always use writing as a coping mechanism in some way, however my true dream is much different. Remember when I said I like dogs? Well that was a true understatement.. I am the type of person that spends 99% of the time on  Facebook and Twitter looking at cute pictures and videos of cute dogs. I do not have my own dog because I am not allowed one where I live but in the future, I am hoping to have as many as humanly possible; this is not a joke! My ultimate goal in life is to run a business where I have my own kennel, catering for all types of dogs which fulfills the needs of all of them. This is partially due to my own unfortunate experience where my dog had to stay in a kennel due to the homelessness of me and my family. The duration of her stay was around 5 months and it killed us knowing that she was miserable. I will go into more detail about this event in my life in another post, but basically, this gave me inspiration to have a place that does everything it can to prevent distress for these animals.

So now that I have introduced myself, it is your turn to make your judgements. Thank you very much for taking your time to read this. Subscribe for more and don't forget to follow me on Twitter and Instagram.

See you in another post.



  1. Millie, must say it is not easy to talk about yourself especially about your insecurities or negative sides. I find your introduction so honest and loved the way you narrated it. I agree with you about writing, it is so therapeutic! Keep writing and keep up the good work! Wish your dream come true...

    1. Thankyou.. I'm really glad you think so! I agree, it's not easy.. I always find it difficult to talk about my emotions and insecurities which is why I write about them on here. Thankyou again for this lovely comment:)

  2. Hi Millie, well done for finding the courage to start a blog again :) I am a "keep yourself to yourself" kind of person too, so it's good to get things out here which you don't usually do in day to day life. I also freak out when people ask me to introduce myself and an interesting fact lol! Loved reading this and your honesty, I'm really looking forward to following your journey. Katie xo

    1. Thankyou.. I've always loved writing so I'm glad that I am doing it again:) I'm happy that you liked this post and really appreciate your support x